Vitamin Infusion Therapy
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Our cells require vitamins, minerals and multiple other micronutrients in order for our bodies to function appropriately. With the average American's eating habits, it is almost impossible to get all the needed nutrients through food alone. El Con Health & Wellness Center provides personalized vitamin infusion therapy treatment to replace those missing nutrients. What Is Vitamin Infusion? Vitamin infusion is the process of giving the body vitamins directly into the bloodstream via an IV (intravenous) drip. Orally taken vitamins are processed through the digestive system which breakdown the fragile nutrients and destroy them. Vitamin infusions eliminate this process allowing our body to get all the needed nutrients and function at its best.  Since the vitamins done through an IV drip are directly injected into the bloodstream, the cells absorb them quicker and we experience the results faster. How Is A Vitamin Infusion Done? Our skilled provider will place an IV line into the inner bend of your elbow and secure it in place. You just have to sit back and relax. A typical session takes between 30-40 minutes. Vitamin infusions can be done once a week if you are experiencing a weakened immune system, illness, recovering from a vigorous workout or a even a late night of drinking.  Start your Vitamin Infused Therapy today by calling (520)318-5515.